Stepping into TATA, we were greeted with a charming and casual ambience, the cozy and bright space inviting us to settle in for a culinary ride.

For Taster #1, the Wiener Schnitzel was a savory delight. Boasting well-seasoned, full-flavored meat, the quality was evident in each tender bite. The side dishes only further enhanced the experience, complementing the star of the plate.

Taster #2 was equally pleased with their choice of Monsieur Zak. Fresh vegetables contributed to the dish’s full flavor and were seasoned to perfection. It was a tasty and satisfying affair.

Unfortunately, TATA’s offerings fell short when it came to drinks. With a poor beer selection, limited wine by the glass options, and an ordinary drink offer overall, it left us wanting. The quality of the food was merely average.

Service-wise, we were met with a friendly waiter who promptly attended to our needs, providing decent quality dinnerware, glassware, and appropriate utensils for the cuisine. The bill arrived quickly upon request, though the lack of an English menu was a drawback.

In conclusion, TATA’s cozy atmosphere and delightful dishes for our Tasters were overshadowed by the lackluster drink selection and average food quality. While the service was commendable, the venue would benefit from an upgrade in its offerings to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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