As I stepped into Puter, I was taken aback by its intimate and stylish decor. This hidden gem in Vračar was certainly a feast for the eyes. As I  sat down to indulge in the dining experience, the aroma of the delicious food filled the air.

As a food connoisseur, I was excited to taste what this restaurant had to offer. The cheese and prosciutto plate was certainly a great start, with fresh cheese and good quality meat. The beefsteak was definitely the highlight of the meal. It had a great presentation and was cooked to perfection, with matching side dishes that were well seasoned and full of flavor. However, the chocolate mousse was a bit of a letdown, with poor quality chocolate and an overall lack of fluffiness.

Taster #2 had the beef tagliata and was equally impressed with the presentation and the quality of the meat. The dish was cooked to perfection and had a great taste, with matching side dishes that were well seasoned.

Taster #3 went for the stuffed rolled chicken, which was steamed and had good quality meat. The presentation was good, and the side dishes complemented the chicken perfectly, making it a tasty and well-seasoned dish.

Taster #4 had the turkey salad, which was well seasoned with fresh vegetables and good quality meat that was steamed to perfection.

The food and drink selection was limited, but still appealing and well presented. The wine selection was good, but the beer selection was poor, with a limited selection of draft beer.

The service was excellent, with frequent ashtray changes, clean napkins, and appropriate utensils for the cuisine. The dinnerware and glassware were of decent quality, and the utensils were clean. The waiter was friendly and welcoming, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

The ambience of the restaurant was charming, with an industrial design and a cramped space that added to the intimate feel of the place. The designer decor was stylish and made for a memorable dining experience.

Overall, Puter is a great restaurant with delicious food, excellent service, and a charming ambience. Although the food and drink selection is limited, the dishes are well presented, appealing, and full of flavor. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a unique and intimate dining experience.

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