Persun is a cozy restaurant located in a beautiful terrace that offers a delightful dining experience. The food and drinks are worth writing home about, and each taster had a unique and enjoyable experience.

Taster #1 was delighted with the Vegan Burger, which was flavorful, well-seasoned, and matched perfectly with the side dishes. The dish was a true crowd-pleaser, and even non-vegan diners loved it.

Taster #2 was in heaven with the Mushroom Risotto. The dish was full of flavor and well-seasoned, leaving them with a mouth-watering and orgasmic experience.

Taster #3 savored the Salmon Teriyaki, which was fresh and full of flavor. The matching side dishes added an extra touch to the dish, making it more appealing.

The food and drink offer was impressive, with a full bar and homemade bread. The draft beer selection was limited, but the food was delicious and appealing. The service was also decent, with fast bill arrival upon demand and appropriate utensils for the cuisine. The dinnerware and glassware were of decent quality, and the ashtrays were clean.

The ambience was cozy, with appropriate lighting arrangements, comfortable seats, and a homely feeling. However, the lack of an English menu and English-speaking staff could be a challenge for some diners.

In conclusion, Persun is a must-visit for anyone who wants to savor delicious food in a cozy and comfortable ambience. The food and drinks are worth the visit, and the service is friendly and decent. Although the lack of English-speaking staff may pose a challenge, the food experience at Persun is well worth it.

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