Walking into Momi, we were immediately struck by the elegant and stylish decor. The ambience was fancy and the garden added a touch of nature to the setting. As we settled down, we were pleased to see that the waiter was friendly and accommodating, providing us with appropriate utensils and decent quality dinnerware and glassware.

Now, onto the main attraction – the food.

As taster #1, I had the pleasure of sampling the pork fillet with roasted hazelnuts. The meat was of good quality, well-seasoned, and the side dishes matched perfectly. The dish was tender and left a delicious aftertaste. Taster #2 enjoyed the fresh and well-seasoned salmon salad.

However, our impression of the food and drink offer as a whole was somewhat underwhelming. While the bar was fully stocked, the selection of beer was poor, and the drinks menu was somewhat ordinary. Additionally, the quality of the food was average.

In terms of service, the waiter was attentive and fast in bringing us the bill when requested. Overall, while Momi has its strengths in terms of ambiance and service, the food and drinks could do with some improvement.

In conclusion, while Momi provided us with a pleasant dining experience, it fell short in terms of its food and drink offerings. Nonetheless, the fancy and elegant ambience coupled with the friendly service make it a place worth visiting.

Taster #1
Taster #2

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