Legat 1903

At Legat 1903, a stylish venue steeped in elegance, we embarked on a culinary journey fit for the most discerning of palates.

For Taster #1, the Black Angus Meatballs provided a tender and well-seasoned mouthful, though the arrangement left something to be desired. Their Moskva Cake, on the other hand, delivered a symphony of sweet, fresh flavors that left them craving more.

As for Taster #2, their Grilled Tuna Steak was an exercise in tender perfection, with complementary side dishes and a well-seasoned, if slightly oily, finish.

The Legat 1903 experience was enhanced by a full bar, homemade bread, a diverse wine selection, and good coffee. Though the drink offer was ordinary, the food was undeniably appealing.

Impeccable service elevated the dining experience. Attentive staff, glass refills, and frequent ashtray changes allowed us to savor the ambience. The friendly waiter and staff ensured a seamless experience, despite the absence of an English menu.

The ambience straddled the line between elegant and modern, with a bright, stylish space that featured a garden, though at times the lighting proved a tad too luminous. In the end, our dining experience at Legat 1903 left us with the sense that this venue is a hidden gem, where gastronomic adventures await those willing to explore.

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