Duke Restaurant


I recently had the pleasure of dining at Duke Restaurant, a stylish and modern eatery with a charming and colorful ambience. Our group of tasters were eager to sample the offerings, and while there were some hits and misses, the overall experience was enjoyable.

As for the food, Taster #1 was impressed with the Influence of the South dish, although they noted it was a bit poorly seasoned. As From the Story, on the other hand, was a hit with its rich and well-seasoned flavors, good quality meat, and great presentation. The Crempita dessert was also a standout for its tasty sweetness.

Taster #2 enjoyed the Mild tasting First Lineup and the tasty and well-presented Forest Rhapsody dish. Overall, the food and drink offer at Duke Restaurant was homemade and appealing, with national desserts and gourmet food. While some dishes were ordinary in quality, the original food arrangements were noteworthy.

Moving on to service, the frequent ashtray changes and fast bill arrival upon request were appreciated by our group. The utensils for the cuisine were appropriate, and the dinnerware and glassware were of decent quality. The menu in English was a plus, and our waiter was friendly and attentive.

The ambience at Duke Restaurant was undeniably fancy, with a stylish and modern appearance that included designer touches and a charming and colorful vibe. Overall, our dining experience was enjoyable, with hits and misses in the food department but great service and a pleasing atmosphere.

Taster #1
Taster #2

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