We are just normal, regular customers. We don’t have any special demands, we wish to see people getting excited about food in action. Real action.

Food is an experience of the moment. It is the fuel of love, of life itself. We spend our time searching for amazing tastes so we can enjoy the taste of our love and life more. There is NO time in life for bad food, bad moments and bad experiences.

Certainly, we know that we all have good times and bad times. We are aware of the fact that some days are not as good as the others. So our reviews are not definite and forever. Whether good or bad, all the venues can be reviewed again so to keep our readers informed and give them the most accurate advice for the ultimate gastronomic experience.



We are not professional chefs. We are just foodies with a gourmet taste who know what good kitchen smells like. Also, sometimes the guests lose the sense of what are they ordering and what it is they are ultimately eating. Maybe you really wanted to have a romantic anniversary or enjoy a night out with your family, but then felt ill-at-ease at a venue making it impossible to relax and actually enjoy the time spent there. Restaurants should never forget-they should cook for the guests, not for ot.



Smile takes you a long way, and this is so often neglected. Friendly waiter will make his guests feel great. It is also the first point of contact. We are sure you have more than once smiled back at a stranger and felt sudden rush of joy. But this is not enough. Appropriate presentation, help with the coats, bags, the menu, orders, dishes, paying attention, handling the check… all help a lot to create a sense of belonging and create a homey feeling.



The ambience in which a person feels at home is always the best one, but this does not refer to decor or wallpapers you choose. This is a matter of bringing a soul into what you do. Also, there is not a bigger deal-breaker than the filthy ambience. Deal with the basics first, before venturing into bigger and more elaborate things. Lighting and atmosphere, interesting details, whether the venue opted for a sleek modern design or rustic old-school retro style, everyone should feel welcome.



Our Motto: food can’t be too expensive. It can only be tasty or not tasty. So, we don’t focus on the price so much. What we do want to see is Quality/Price matching ratio. But you have to make it an experience. On the other hand, there is food in the world which is very inexpensive, yet marvelously delicious. Still, even that food is made with passion and energy. Eating is a metaphysical process. It is communication. It is a language. Tell us who you are. We will understand.


Ready to serve more people? Ready to be featured? Ready to be perfect?