“It’s was the Year 2011 when this Swiss guy came to Serbia to expand his business to cities of Belgrade and Nis. After he encountered Serbian people, he figured out that not only were they exceptionally good workers, but there was also a lot more to discover about the country itself.

He was hungry for new experiences, so he went out, enjoyed a lot of good food and started meeting beautiful Serbian women. This country seemed to be filled with beauty every step of the way! And so, in a very short time, he completely fell in love with Belgrade and everything it has to offer.

One day, he met a special Serbian girl. She likes Swiss chocolates, drinks more beer than he does, is a typical workaholic, and she loves perfection, too. She showed him the Belgrade city, its nightlife, all the beer places and he invited her out for dinners with the inevitably huge amounts of wine and meat.

They both worked hard, and on the other hand there was always a need to enjoy life. So, this was the beginning of an amazing journey they went on together and since then, they have visited more that 250 venues. Life is all about drinking, laughing, eating and having a good time.

And, oh, what a surprise – falling in love!

So at this point, he had a good business, was enjoying good food and had a girl which he was in love with. So, he decided to leave Switzerland and move to Serbia. Everybody told him he was completely crazy for doing this. Yeah, possibly this was true, but the power of “meat” was stronger than anyone’s  argument.

Gradually, he made a lot of local friends, and it turned out there were more and more foreigners coming to live in Serbia, too. They started asking him for advice, restaurant tips, romantic places with candle-lit dinners, where they can find the best steaks or pizzas, or drinks. Since he is uncompromisingly addicted to perfection, and since he had already had experience in the gastronomic industry in Swiss, he would always give a straightforward and honest opinion and advice. And people followed.

After he had realized many people approach him with the same questions, and also just taking into consideration the fact that he enjoys tasting new things in life, it became very clear what the next step was going to be.

He decided to start this project.
BGfoodies was born!

Swiss Guy (B.)

Business Development is his primary occupation. He owns  IT companies in Switzerland and Serbia and runs several start-up companies. He was a founder of a bar in Belgrade which helped him understand the Serbian mentality better. He is an avid food, coffee and wine lover, a passionate hobby chef, loves Serbian girls and meat. In short- he is a communicative Swiss perfectionist.

Taster & Business Developer

Serbian Girl (V.)

When you study human behavior professionally and obtain a doctoral degree in Psychiatry, you start seeing the world in a different way. Having great communication skills helps her handle different types of characters and personalities. A beer lover, “Chicken Specialist”, cat lover. She also likes perfection and Swiss chocolate, which is possibly the reason why she is in a relationship with a Swiss guy she adores.

Taster & Coaching

Master of Words (A.)

She is a master of words, a real altruist and a people’s person, the ultimate hedonist and an ephemeral soul. She writes poetry, is a teacher, a university professor, marketing and project manager and a coach. A typical modern day working woman, then a foodie judge/nightlife enthusiast by night. She loves pesto, exotic soul-foods, tender meat. Her energy and positive attitude is a way of life, spent in moments of enjoying everything it has to offer.

Marketing & Blog

 In order to live up to our words, our goals and this project, please understand that we prefer to stay anonymous.

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