We eat. We judge. We write.

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Rating and Review Process The BGfoodies Review Process explained...

We want to give our readers the ultimate impression, cut with Swiss precision, served with the Balkan uncompromising reality.

We are looking for perfection!
We judge the food, but also the atmosphere, presentation, staff, service. Pricing and overall quality is important.
We write what the most guests will not tell the venue owners. Good or bad, everything. No embellishments, no garnish, no side dishes or appetizers.

Plain truth. Served as is!
We are independent and do this out of hobby, so our opinions and ratings cannot be influenced by anybody.
We don’t want to kill gastronomy, we want to help it grow. We are highly critical, with a lot of experience in this business. We believe we know how to do it better!

We say it like we see it!
One of our passions is to help and optimize gastronomic offers and bring them to the level of Swiss perfection.

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